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Faculty Improvement Programme 08 : "Design & Development of E-Content with Multi-Disciplinary Approach" Started from 19/03/2018 to 25/03/2018. Interested Faculty Applied with Reg. Fees DD of Rs. 1000/- Immediately.

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Welcome to Human Resource Development Centre, Rajkot

The concept of the Human Resource Development Centres (HRDCs) for a continuous training and up gradation of faculties in college and universities was first launched in 1987 by the Prof. Yash Pal Committee under the aegis of Rajiv Gahdhi’s New Education Policy. The rationale behind starting the UGC : HRDCs (ASCs) was to compensate the lack of a formal training programme for teachers in higher education like that of the B.Ed. which means for those going to teach in schools. The UGC : HRDCs (ASCs) therefore were assigned with the primary activity of organizing Orientation Programmes (OPs) and Refresher Course (RCs) in various discipline for the fresh recruitees as well as those teachers with less then 5 (Five) years of teaching experience. [The former are required to attend in OP and the latter at least three RCs before they reach the scale if Readers] Each UGC: HRDC (ASC) was assign an operating area of universities and colleges called the catchments area (‘ca’) and thrust given to training teachers from the ‘ca’ and through for RCs, the teacher – participants could be from any university of affiliated college in the country.

The UGC : Human Resource Development Centre (Academic Staff College) of the Saurashtra University, Rajkot has now completed more than two decade’s successful mission. It started functioning in August 1987 under its first Director Dr, Ramesh Shukla and its assigned catchments area as Bhavanagar, Saurashtra and North Gujarat Universites. UGC : HRDC (ASC) Rajkot was inaugurated by distinguished panel of academicians that included Prof. Dolarrai Vasavada, Prin, Culin Chadra Yagnik and Prof. K.N.Shah, Vice Chancellor of Bhavnagar, North Guharat and Saurashtra University respectively. Dr.(Mrs) P.V.Bhuddhadev took over as the director in the year 1994, and presently Dr. Kaladhar Arya is in the position of Director. The Govt. of Gujarat has in Principle recognized UGC : HRDC (ASC), Rajkot since 1997 as an excellent institute imparting training to teachers as well as inviting renowened scholars from all over India. It has completed 113 OPs and 213 RCs in various subjects.

The most auspicious event for the UGC : HRDC (ASC), Rajkot has been the construction of its own building. Beside the Administrative Block, the building have facilities for Class Rooms, Participants Hostel and Guest House for resource persons. This has been possible because of a generous donation of Rs. 28.5 lacs by the renowned philanthropist Dr. Dipchandbhai Gardi, who has for the past couple of years been instrumental for many infrastructural amenities on the Saurashtra University Campus.

The UGC : HRDC (ASC), Rajkot pledges its commitments towards making college and university education for more meaningful and learner oriented. It reiterates its belief that if education is to usher in development and progress n the society, the education needs to be always at the vanguard of knowledge.